My experience of outsourcing.

I’m always banging on about the benefits of outsourcing but how could I really know what it was like to outsource until I’d done it myself? I was in a position where I was struggling to switch off, I had tasks that needed doing every day and my working hours were full but I’d not […]

My Top 5 (Tech) Hacks to help with Memory and Brain Fog.

1 – ALEXA!!! (It has to be in capitals as I can’t say Alexa quietly, I have to shout! I mainly use ALEXA for music but after a post I put out on VA Handbookers to see which hack my ‘fellow VA’s’ (said in true Kevin and Perry style) used the most, the overwhelming number […]

How I will keep you accountable

Running a business means wearing many different hats and spinning hundreds of those sometimes wobbly plates.You do the sales, the finance and provide the products and service. But who holds you accountable?You are the boss. You can ignore the reminder, delay the deadline, finish the work a few days late, that’s fine right?I think you […]